The legacy of the master.

After the death of Joseph H. Pilates in 1967, his wife Clara along with Romana Kryzanowska (1923-2013), a ballet dancer who practiced the method after suffering an ankle injury, continued their work in the original New York studio. Due to Clara’s advanced age, Romana took over the direction of the studio until Clara’s death in 1977.

After the death of Joseph and Clara, Romana set out to make her teacher’s dream come true: to make his method understandable so that it could be practiced by anyone based on a universal physical and mental exercise system.

She managed to develop a program designed to structure and organize the valuable and extensive content of the method, establishing fundamental principles and concepts along with a logical order to better understand all the information while preserving its essence.

Thanks to Romana, today we possess a study plan that organizes the theory of the method, makes us learn through practice and provides the content for different tests that can certify the aptitude of students to become teachers and thus keep spreading the Original Pilates Method.

Heir to this great legacy, Romana was able to protect and perpetuate the purity and authenticity of the method and instilled in us the values of humility, respect and work.

Today, her daughter Sari Mejía Santo dedicates her life to the same purpose.

Forever thank you, Romana Kryzanowska.
“Always in our hearts”.